The DeTommaso Dogs
501(c)(3) Nonprofit Dog Rescue


female - 6/7 months old
Congratulations to Ginger, she beat distemper & is ready for a loving forever home! This sweet, loving & smart girl caught Distemper after we rescued her from the streets. I was horrified, but she had a vaccine & we decided to fight it. After a week hospitalized, she went to a boarding facility who only take’s distemper dogs. She kept receiving her medical care & after a moth in quarantine her blood results came back negative! I could believe it, most puppies die of distemper but this tough girl beat it. Now she’s ready for a loving for home. She’s well behaved, smart & playful.,good with other dogs & humans. House broken. 6/7 months old. She will be medium size. Apply at 
Estimated birth date: January 2024?

Breed: German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois Mix