The DeTommaso Dogs


male - 5 years old
We rescued Inky after he was abandoned by his previous owners. He was left behind, with no food or water, Locked up at a home that they left. Luckily, the landlord discovered that they left the dogs behind, and called for help. One amazing lady went to help & she contacted us. Inky is around five years old, his sweet he’s loving he has a lot of energy. He’s obsessed with tennis balls today he got neuter. He got a hernia corrected and he had a much needed dental work sadly he doesn’t have many front teeth left due to the neglected life he previously had. He is 10 pounds and ready for a loving forever home. This boy will need grooming care constantly, so please be aware of this if you decided to give him the opportunity. Apply at or call at (224) 622-1421
Estimated birth date: 2019

Breed: Malti-poo mix