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I began rescuing animals back in 2018 when I started frequenting Baja California more often, and to my shock I saw a ton of stray animals. There were way too many dogs and cats on the streets of Baja without food, shelter, or care.

My first rescue was that of three kittens I found in a parking lot. They had no food, no water, and they were covered in fleas. I could not leave them in those terrible conditions.

So I rescued them. I took them in, took care of their medical needs, and found them amazing, wonderful forever homes with their FURever family. The more times I visited Baja, the more animals in need I found. It ignited something in me to just start just saving any animal I could.

After several years of nonstop work, our rescue finally became a nonprofit 501©(3) organization.

In addition to rescuing animals, providing medical care, finding foster and forever homes, we were so fortunate to have donations from such giving community members that we began spay and neuter campaigns in Baja communities at no cost to the people. To help prevent more homeless animals from ending up on the streets, we have performed approximately 3,000 spay and neuter surgeries in Baja California so far. We have rescued hundreds and hundreds of dogs.

I am just one person, yet I will help as many animals as I can. With the collective efforts of our amazing community members in southern California, dedicated volunteers, and incredible foster pawrents, The DeTommaso Dogs rescue is able to reach even more animals in need. Our goal is to provide love, care, and a safe home for each and every one of them..🐾


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