The DeTommaso Dogs
501(c)(3) Nonprofit Dog Rescue

Our Team

Meet our Team

Our team isn’t your average bunch. We’re a pack of passionate volunteers from all walks of life, united by our love for dogs. We come from different backgrounds, but share a common goal: to give abandoned, neglected, or surrendered pups the care, love, and second chance they deserve. Whether it’s walking energetic puppies, cuddling scaredy-cats in need of comfort, or helping find them forever homes, we’re here to make a difference, one wagging tail at a time.

Not all of our amazing team members are listed below. It definitely takes a village to do what we strive for!

We Need Volunteers

Every wagging tail deserves a chance to find its forever home, and that’s where you come in! Our rescue operates with the heart of a pack, and we rely on flexible volunteers like you to extend a helping paw. Whether you have a few hours to spare on weekends or can lend a hand during the week, your time is invaluable. We need volunteers to assist at bustling adoption events, showcasing our amazing dogs to potential adopters. Additionally, reliable drivers are crucial for transporting furry friends to meet-and-greets, helping them make that special connection that leads to a loving home.


Ana Moreno DeTommaso

founder & chair president

Ana is the founder of The DeTommaso Dogs. She does everything you can think of for the rescue. From rescuing dogs from the streets, organizing free spay & neuter events for low-income communities, to feeding 2 week old puppies with a bottle. 

Ana has always been crazy about animals, but really immersed herself in 2018 when she started this rescue, using all of her wages to support her mission. 

Now, even years later, Ana is the cornerstone of the rescue, pouring her heart, soul, sweat, and tears into her non-profit organization!


Zoraida Padilla

director of adoption relations

Welcome to DeTommaso Dogs! My journey began in 2000 when I rescued a litter of six seven-day-old German Shepherd mixes. That experience sparked my passion for fostering and rescuing puppies and dogs. Since then, my dedication has only grown stronger.

In 2017, I met Anna, and by 2018, I began rescuing for her, starting with Bella. This partnership has led to fostering over 100 dogs, from pregnant mamas to full-grown adults. Our mission is to provide loving, foster homes for these dogs until they find their forever families.

My rescue work is a family affair. I share my home and love of dogs with my mom and son, who are integral to our success. Together, we manage every aspect of the rescue process, including finalizing adoptions, hosting adoption events, conducting adoption interviews, reviewing applications, and administering vaccines.

Thank you for supporting DeTommaso Dogs. We are dedicated to making a difference, one dog at a time.


Lisa Benton

event coordinator & a whole lot more

Lisa has been with the rescue from incredibly early on. She volunteers her time, fosters puppies, and organizes adoption events for the rescue. 

She is always on the go, transporting our pets to and from the veterinarian’s office in Tijuana.


Thuy Ngo, RN

website manager

Thuy has had a love for animals since she can even remember. She’s rediscovered her passion for volunteering, rescuing dogs, and tech-y stuff. When she’s not messing around with the website, she’s probably hiking somewhere with her own rescue from TDDOGs Santiago or hammocking at your local dog park.