The DeTommaso Dogs
501(c)(3) Nonprofit Dog Rescue

Opening your home to a foster pet can make a big difference. It could mean saving the life of a dog or cat that might otherwise be put down. Millions of animals end up in shelters each year, and fostering helps ease overcrowding.

Unlike adopting, fostering lets you care for a pet temporarily without the long-term commitment. Our rescue organization provides everything your foster needs, including food and vet care.

Fostering can be flexible. You could foster for a short time, like a weekend, or for longer until the pet finds a forever home. This allows us to take in more animals and helps shelters avoid euthanasia due to lack of space.

We are a dog rescue that does not have a shelter/facility just yet, so we rely heavily on our amazing fosters to provide a loving home until we find the perfect furever family & home for our pets.

1. Browse through our available dogs and see if there are any dogs that you are interested in.

2. Fill out an application on our website. This will allow us to review all necessary information and give us a picture of what life would like with you for our dog. After we review the application, we will give you a call and discuss potential time to have a meet and greet with our dog. 

3. Home check (virtual ok). If you feel that you and our dog is a great match after the meet & greet, you can adopt the dog on the same day. If you are adopting a large dog from us, we would like for you to send us photos of your patio, fence, and living room to ensure that the home environment is safe and aligns with our pup’s needs. If you are adoption a small dog, you do not have to send us picture, just ensure that the dog gets exercise. We can do a virtual home check. 

4. Fill out our foster contract. Once you have decided to adopt one of our dogs, you can either fill out an adoption contract in person on paper, or we can create a DocuSign of our contract for you to e-sign. Also, if you are planning on adopting one of our dogs after the meet and greet, please bring a collar and leash or harness.