The DeTommaso Dogs

Seuss (special needs)

Male - 10 months old

Here we go again, we need to find a for ever home for our SPECIAL NEEDS boy Seuss. 

He is near 10 months old, 30 pounds, & I don’t think he will be over 40 pounds full grown. Seuss was adopted as a young puppy, despite my explanation to the adopter that Seuss was a special needs dog, (Seuss has a slightly mental disability) she reassured me he was in a forever home. Sadly she ended up returning him. 


Seuss is in my opinion a normal dog. He has a quirky personality; he’s so funny & very active. He does have a bit of hard time learning everything a pup needs to learn & that’s part of been special needs. 


Seuss is smart in my opinion, he knows how to sit, he LOVES to play with another active dog, preferably a patient dog because he has energy for days, Seuss is good with children, we prefer 10yo & up. 


If you have a special heart & want to give precious Seuss the only ONE OPPORTUNITY he needs please call at or apply at