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Tecate Spay & Neuter Clinic: A Huge Success on cinco de mayo!

What a day!! Today we spayed 42 female dogs & 2 males a total of 44 pets. WOW most were big dogs!! I feel so happy for this!! It was a day of many emotions, sad reality, seen so many dogs with ticks is awful. 2 dogs were pregnant a total of 18 puppies didn’t come to suffer. It was a long day, we all worked hard. No lunch break till 6pm. It was freezing cold. We are so grateful for Jen who donated $1250 to pay for these surgeries. A total of $1380 was used. We rescued 5 dogs 🤦🏻‍♀️ 1 has TVT she will start chemotherapy soon. A mom & her 3 5/6 month puppies came first surgery & they will had to go back@to@the streets, I couldn’t imagine them tonight after surgery in the harsh cold nights of Tecate so, Luis & Norma took them home. They will never be cold or hungry again. They had so many ticks & mom was pregnant again! We didn’t know & she was spayed, she was expecting 8 more puppies. Huge thanks to our amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly to help each dog. Thuy , Jonathan, luis & Norma thank you 🙏. thank you for make it happen & give your all as always & for carrying so much for all@these dogs. To the principal of the school Mr Ivan Castañeda thank you for your support. We meet many responsible pet owners, we meet several people who trapped strays & brought them for surgery. Others brought the dogs of a relative it was awesome to see many people who care for the pets in Tecate.

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