The DeTommaso Dogs
501(c)(3) Nonprofit Dog Rescue


female - 3 years old

Harley is looking for her lifetime adventure buddy. She is one of the sweetest, most loving, playful & lovable pup. One year ago on May 16th 2023, I arrived at the vet & she was just picked up from the streets, (by someone who dropped her off at the vet) it looked she recently had puppies. (Looked at the difference of the day I meet her & now) she tested positive for distemper & she was going to be euthanized. I said NO! Let me find a place were she can go & fight it! I made several calls & finally found a place where she could be booked & be treated. I saved her life. Harley fought the virus & survived with no side effects. She’s 3/4 yo extremely loving with all humans. She loves to please, she’s a rough player. 55 pounds Goes to dog parks, gets along with most dogs. Crate & house trained. Overall an amazing dog. 

She’s around 3 years old. Despite her looking 100% husky, she does not howl nor does she jump fences.


This cutie girl is good with everyone. She gets along well with most dogs specially small dogs, children, we prefer no cats she can be too rough with them. She likes playing rough, but can be a real sweetheart too.

Harley is an amazing dog. If another dog becomes territorial or messes with her, she may defend herself. She is working on it. For the most part, Harley enjoys the company of other beings, and loves going on adventures.

Preferably other submissive dogs will be best for her.

If you want to meet this spunky girl, apply at or text/call Ana at (224) 622-1421